Welcome to Healthy Strong!

We aren't doctors or scientists or quacks claiming that if you just use one magic supplement, all of your health problems will go away or that you can lose all your extra flab in one week with the perfect regimen.

We are real people who have implemented these healthy changes in our own lives, and love the results so much, we want to share them with you.

We will share about natural skin care products, tell you how to make your own, and tell you what worked best for us. 

We will tell you what foods are really healthy and nutritious, and which ones are masquerading. We'll point you in the directions we followed so you can learn for yourself. 

At Healthy Strong, we are compiling a list of recipes, resources, and advice we wish someone had compiled when we took our health back into our own hands.

We want your journey towards a strong, healthy lifestyle to be successful and easy, and we want to help you avoid all the pitfalls, misinformation, and injury that we experienced in our journey to health. 

To you and to your health!

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