About Us

Esther Pavao

Healthy Strong is the brain child of Esther Pavao. Esther has a passion for healthy living and helping other people to make healthy choices. She is currently studying pre-health. When she isn't working on this website, she is probably doing homework or working at Greatest Stories Ever Told Publishing Company. Esther loves strong coffee, books, and her wonderful husband.

Janelle Pavao

Janelle Pavao is Esther's sister-in-law. Janelle enthusiastically jumped on board when Esther approached her with this site concept as she shares Esther's passion for healthy living. When she isn't writing for Healthy-Strong, she also works for Greatest Stories Ever Told Publishing Company. Janelle can usually be found at the gym, spending time with her family, or playing with her dog Leo. Janelle loves botany and herbalism and aspires to have her own indoor herb garden.

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