Essential Oil Uses

Essential oils have a wide range of uses from balancing emotions and easing tension, to cleansing skin and mending topical imperfections.

Plants have been used in homeopathic remedies and personal care for centuries. Although the natural way has somewhat gotten lost in our development of the Western Way, there is a new era arising of an integrative lifestyle. 

For those of us who have become aware of the toxic overload of chemicals in food, personal care, and cleaning products; essential oils have become a perfect natural alternative. Whether it be combatting anxiety, cleaning your skin and hair, or scrubbing your toilets there is an essential oil up to the task.

Some oils are currently in trials for natural cancer remedies, supporting cellular regeneration, skin regrowth, and preventing heart disease.

There are many, many uses in daily life for essential oils. Here, we will cover some basics about what to use and how to use them. 

It’s important to remember that not all essential oils can be ingested, and some of them need to be diluted with a carrier oil (coconut oil, olive oil, jojoba oil, etc.) before they can touch your skin. doTERRA essential oils, for example, are very concentrated, so in their pure form, some of them will burn your skin if you do not dilute them. All doTERRA oils will specify on the bottle if they can be taken internally, and if they need to be diluted for topical use.

The only oils I ever recommend using are doTERRA's because their oils are the purest on Earth. Each batch of doTERRA oils come with a link, where you can look up the third-party lab results of your specific oil, to view the purity. doTERRA believes in absolute transparency, and purity of the oil is more important to them than anything else.

Click here to sign up for a wholesale membership. $35 to sign up, and $25 annual membership cost. These oils are more potent than any other oil, so 1 drop goes a very long way. 

Topical Uses

          Topical Mending

          Essential oils that are good to use for poultices, salves, or other home remedies.

          Skin Care

                                   Skin Blemishes

                                    Oily Skin

                                    Dry Skin

                                    Combat Aging

          Hair Care

          Sleep Aid

          Household Cleaning

          Essential oils you can use for cleaning your home, and essential oil products to replace chemical                ridden household cleaning products.

Internal Uses

          Internal Support

          Essential oils to support internal systems

          Immune Function Support

          Essential oils to support the immune system.

          Cellular Regeneration 

          Essential oils to help the cells regenerate.

          Internal Cleansing

          Essential oils to help cleanse your internal systems.

          Energy and Dietary Support

          Essential oils to give you energy, and aid in healthy weight loss

          Digestion Support

          Essential oils to support healthy digestion.


          Essential oils to promote restful sleep, and calm the mind.

Aromatic Uses

          Respiratory Support

          Sleep Aid

         Mood Stabilizers 

         Energy Boost

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